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"One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." —The translated inscription upon the Ring

There are many, many things that bind us on Wikia. One of them is our willingness to collaborate. To pitch in and work together as a team and become bigger and better for it. Another is our our shared passion for fan-fiction. Our fanon wikis are countless and the stories on them amazingly diverse: from epic movie plots for Star War Episode VII (George Lucas take note) to intimate My Little Pony character studies. But they all share something in common: They’re inspirational. So much so that they’ve inspired us to take fan-fiction to another level. A collaborative level. Welcome to the Wikia Writing Project.

What we’ve decided to do is tell the story of how “The Fellowship of Awesomeness” (Gandalf the White, Sherlock Holmes, the Man in Black, The Doctor, Batman, Superman, Darth Vader, Thor and Galbatorix) actually came together to destroy the One Ring in the fiery pits of Mount Doom.

We’re going to do that as a community, one paragraph at a time. We’ll start the story off and the entire exercise will run for several days. Anyone can add to it, weaving the narrative this way and that. And in the end, Frodo the 9 fingered will bring the story to a close (it’s his team, after all; least we can do is let him wrap things up).

A few rules:

  • Each user is allowed to contribute one paragraph (made up of five sentences max) at a time. Please don't edit  again until three new users have contributed. In other words, there must be three paragraphs between contributions from any one user.
  • Please leave your signature at the end of your contribution.
  • Respect the work of your fellow Wikians and do not revert, delete, edit or alter text that has come before yours.
  • You may see us help (as many of you know us Wikia Staff also love to write so not sure we can hold back on this one!)

So with all that said, please join us on the Lord of the Rings Fanon Wiki.

Happy editing!

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