Greetings Wikians,

I’ve got some exciting news to share with communities across Wikia, in particular those that chronicle around their favorite TV series. Wikia fan content will be powering a new product from online review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes: the “TV Tomatometer.”

Rotten Tomatoes announced today the debut of its TV Tomatometer -- a re-imagining of its popular review-capturing tool, designed to track scripted television programming. Right from the Rotten Tomatoes “TV Zone” page, readers and reviewers will be able to learn more about their favorite shows… the information coming directly from your chronicled efforts! This serves as proof that your television content is a trusted source of information for fans by fans.

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The TV Zone and TV Tomatometer are launching with new fall scripted series, as well as shows that have aired on primetime over the last four years. The entire process will be iterative since so many Wikia sites are structured in unique ways. So in the coming weeks, we’ll be posting helpful tips for those of you who’re interested in making sure you’re content is represented in the best way possible. Stay tuned!

A HUGE congratulations and WELL DONE is owed to all of you! I can’t wait to find YOUR content in the TV Zone description boxes. There’s never been a better time for collaborative information to meet collaborative reviews. Write on!

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