I have been through the Slappy-Account-Frenzy, the Fireskull drama, the O'malley takeover, and the Pearson attacks - Captaingoldvane2 of POTCO Players Wiki

This was on his userpage, and quite frankly, it seems borderline insulting. If Wikia Staff is truly strict enough to delete my wiki over a little fight between me and two users, then it would have no problem looking into this issue. I say this, because I am a concerned user. My belief of a proper admin is one who does not call out users on what they have done (especially when the event or action occurred many months prior). This is the case for most of the users mentioned above, majority of which have long since quit or been banned permanently. Please look into this.

It has come to my attention that Goldvane also takes to comparing edits rather than contrasting them, and always concludes the users in question are the same person. This is a seriously lack of proper judgement. A proper admin should not do this on a constant basis.

DJ Pack-man