Okay, as you may know already, my wiki was deleted. I now have it on good authority (DaNASCAT) that indeed a group of immature children did complain about it. Turns out that they didn't like I had only three blogs that pointed out flaws in making a wiki into a dictatorship. Those kids decided to argue with me saying that I was wrong and uninformed to what they were actually trying to say. I pressed them further to inform me on exactly what they meant to say and they said, I quote: "not going to argue with a troll anymore". Heres my issue, I was not trolling, I was simply asking for them to back up their arguments. Did they? No. They turned to complaining when there was no reason to. And because of their immature actions, I no longer have a way to bring my fanbase closer together. All that work I did, gone because of a bunch of immature kids. Was I in the wrong? Yes, I should of never even bothered with kids who run a wiki that is full of drama and abuse. Are they in the wrong? They are 100% in the wrong. They complained to have a wiki they didn't like get shut down. Now, I have nothing. They win, and Wikia Staff has yet again allowed those immature kids have their little spoiled victory. No other wiki complained about me, yet when a wiki that shouldn't even be cared about (Players Wiki) complains, red flags always have to go up. Seriously Wikia Staff? Go ahead, argue with me, say I'm overeacting, in the end, you will agree that you're letting a bunch of spoiled brats run around causing drama on Wikia. I stand by the facts in this situation. If you wish, I can provide evidence to why it is Players Wiki that should be shut down, and I will have even more of that to show from other wikis, because my wiki isn't the only wiki that's had problems with Players WIki.