Fear is evil.  It weaves its way slowly into your mind, bit, by bit, until suddenly the thing that fear has chosen to torment you with will leak into every thought you have and consume your mind.  Fear is a slow moving poison. You feel it,  but days go by and suddenly you are sneaking about, avoiding whatever it is that fear has chosen. You find yourself staying late at work to avoid your spouse, walking with your head down and take your lunch into the school bathroom, locking yourself away and praying that the thing will not find you.  Fear is controlling. Your every thought revolves around what to say, do, look like, be. Nothing else matters except avoidance, you think. But you can't avoid it because if it's not in front of you than it's in your head, weaving through the tissue of your brain and making you quiver. You bow to fear and hope that it will not whip you. You worship fear for you think it is your protector.  Fear is not. It is not protecting, but destroying you. Fear is but a magician playing games with the eyes of your mind. Tricking you. You have the ultimate control over fear. Take off fear's scary looking mask and see what it really is. Fear, in reality, is weak. Face it. It is pathetic and once you realize that it is the only thing floating between you and surmounting the difficulties that face you, you can begin to ascend the mountain of what fear was using to brainwash you. You will get to the top, look down on the mountain and on fear and say: Fuck Off; I Made It.