• EthanConnolly

    10 zlatan ibrahimovic 

    what can i say he is zlatan shots and dribbling is amazing 

    9 kaka 

    he may not be as quick as he once was but he is strong and hard to shrug off the ball and his dribbling skills tear up defences 

    8 ronaldinho 

    his fast feet mean he can destroy his opponents  he was the first to bring street football into football with the skills he created 

    7 david silva 

    he sheilds the ball and keep the ball so well and is a decent dribbler and is great passer of the ball

    6 xavi hernandez

    passes the ball so well is a brilliant play maker and may not be the fastest but his dribbling makes up for that

    5 andres iniesta

    he creates magic on the ball and works well with xavi and messi a great playmaker for messi to score a goal or for messi to drib…

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