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Skyrim levels 1-25

EthanmanD August 28, 2016 User blog:EthanmanD

Welcome if your are level 25 or higher this probably isn't the best place for you to be unless you'd like to learn a trick or two. Now you've seen the title screen click New Game (Note: this game glitches alot so don't worry just reset) now to the point you were caught in an ambush that the imperials had caught the rival stormcloaks. You were acused and was taken to a road to helgan. You doze of and wake up not far from helgan this is the point where you have started the game also you dont see this. Now to the game it's pretty clear where to start. After you've made it past helgan keep go 

east to falkreath and you can make 500 dollars worth of gold there. 

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