Hey y'all, if any of you users are pretty bored with your Wiki, and want a new project, here is the list of new ABC Shows coming this fall or 2013. If you are interested, you can create a wiki for them. (NOTE: These are not all of the new shows.)


  • "Last Resort" -- handily ABC's strongest script, with a stellar cast and director attached, it has everything going for it.
  • "Gilded Lilys" -- not the best, but ABC likes to be in the Shonda business and the cast (Blythe Danner, Matt Lauria, Matt Long, and John Barrowman, to name a few) will likely go a long way towards selling the material. The only complication here could be the expense associated with producing this kind of period piece.
  • "Malibu Country" -- light, fun and with a recognizable star, Malibu's multi-camera format and red state sensibility would pair well with the likely-to-be-renewed "Last Man Standing."
  • "The Family Trap" -- this wacky family (which includes Stockard Channing, Kurt Fuller, and Erinn Hayes) would be right at home with both "Modern Family" and "Happy Endings."
  • "Mistresses" -- April, a widow and mother of two, while Macallan plays Josslyn, a real estate broker and the youngest of the women. Yunjin Kim came on board the project in mid-March in the role of Katie, a psychiatrist who is upset over the death of a patient with whom she was involved. Alyssa Milano completed the main cast when she signed on to portray Sarah, a married lawyer and older sister to Josslyn.


  • "Zero Hour" -- If the network's appetite for action isn't fully satisfied by "Last Resort," I can see this being a fun addition to the lineup.
  • "Devious Maids" -- If ABC is still high on Cherry, this could very well wind up on television ... not to mention that having a diverse cast certainly helps its chances.
  • "Beauty & The Beast" -- but only if the fantasy elements are on-point.

Thanks, hope these wikis come on soon!