Hi all! Wikis with a bunch of stubs - need help? Well, thanks to this program, you can "Save your Stubs". Frankly, I got this idea from Wikihow. It sounds pretty cool, and I thought Wikia needed it. We (or for now, I say I) will go around big wikis (or small, does not matter) and help with stubs. Also, the Community Council, Wikia Helpers, etc. can join in on the fun. So.... Help Save our stubs.


I just made this to get people to join, after 30 people join, I am going to hand it over to The Wikia Council, Helpers, etc. because they can do a better job promoting it. (Well, if they want to handle it) (And hopefully a better logo, even though this one is awesome.


I am going to set up a forum with a list of users who want to join, and some will get invitations to join. The Forum can be found... here.


Please tell me your opinion. Thanks!