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Tips to set up your main page- Vividly

Evanf August 10, 2011 User blog:Evanf

Hi! this is my first Blog Post (On this wiki).

To Start.....

If you want your main page to look good to others, that will make them want to join. And here are some tips to help you do that.

For Headings Don't do just regular section 2 headings.... Make it colorful, add a HeadingA Template!


To make it, just go here: [1](Fixed)

Other Tips

You can make a cast portal, or a character portal. Showing the characters, the items, shows, anything!

[[Image:|100px|Chyna Parks]]
[[Image:|100px|Olive Doyle]]
[[Image:|100px|Fletcher Quimby]]
[[Image:|100px|Lexi Reed]]
[[Image:|100px|Cameron Parks]]
[[Image:|100px|Darryl Parks]]
[[Image:|100px|Roxanne Parks]]

A.N.T. Farm Wiki

You also need to add the CharPortalAAA template.


I can't do an example, but you know what to do. Add four or 3 images and say stuff like: Learn about this or Learn about that.. That will jumpstart the person who sees it. Like "That looks Cool".

Also, do featured Stuff, featured Item, character, etc.


Special Thanks to the A.N.T. Farm Wiki

If you have questions, comments, or more ideas, tell me. Also, if you want more ideas, contact me on my talk page.

Thanks, -- Evanf | talk | contribs

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