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  • Evilquoll

    Yes, the Beatles Wiki now has 666 pages! Appropriately enough, it achieved that status on April 1st.

    Sadly, a page deletion means that we are now back down to 665 pages, but this probably won't last.

    • Note: of course, I am not saying that Jesus is evil; I'm paraphrasing John Lennon's notorious (and badly misquoted) statement.
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  • Evilquoll

    All 140 named HTML colours

    November 13, 2012 by Evilquoll

    The following table is a list of all 140 (well, 138 unique) colour names recognised by all modern web browsers. I created this table with the intention of helping others create their wiki themes. Yes, I know that there's a similar table on Wikipedia ā€” but the big difference is, this one is sortable, so if you are looking to change a colour to another of similar hue, saturation or whatever, you can click on the appropriate heading. By default, when this page is first loaded it is sorted alphabetically by ascending name.

    The headings are:
    Name ā€” what it says.
    RGB (Hex) ā€” the hexadecimal triplet value, if for some reason you prefer to use this rather than the name. For brevity, the leading # is omitted, although it is usually required in actual uā€¦

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