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HIYA this is the bfg my class is learning about the bfg so desided to do a wiki about it to show to my class and teacher and i may show the school for the praise assembly. MY favourite character is sophie an the bfg but they are the only characters in the book so i was thinking to improve the book and put a poem about it  and maybe i may add a new a character in my wonderful poem. Did you know that Roald Dahl written poems and nusery rymes for little kids. Roald Dahl died 23rd november 1916 he loved what he did and he became famous and then schools had Roald Dahl day when they had to dress up in a character from a book but now they changed it by dressing up in a character from any book written by a author like Jaquline wilson that is my favourite book so far.

If you are reading my blog please u are more welcome to read it and read more about Roald Dahl

THANK YOU  written by faith2003

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