• I live in En un Lápiz de Sillar; con un ogro; un genio y una princesa
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is escribir muchas cosas; tocar piano eléctrico; divertirme; ver USM; HDA; EIMDG ;MLP y muchos dibujos animados mas
  • I am un chico y un escritor masculino y muy divertido

    Hello; I need urgent help please help

    Hello; the truth; I am a user named FurbyPucca98; the reason I write; this blog; is for help administrators of this wiki; as is the wiki of the Central Community; I thought it might help me; tell my problem:

    I blocked in wikis:

    I blocked because:

    Regular show wiki: Flaming; trolling and (first time) consistant posting OC (second time)

    Bravest Warriors Wiki: (Harassing admins to get unblock.) (First time)

    Okay; I want to unblock these wikis me please; he is to have another chance in both please; I like both good and just want another chance to start again

    Okay; I want to a…

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