Hello; I need urgent help please help

Hello; the truth; I am a user named FurbyPucca98; the reason I write; this blog; is for help administrators of this wiki; as is the wiki of the Central Community; I thought it might help me; tell my problem:

I blocked in wikis:

I blocked because:

Regular show wiki: Flaming; trolling and (first time) consistant posting OC (second time)

Bravest Warriors Wiki: (Harassing admins to get unblock.) (First time)

Okay; I want to unblock these wikis me please; he is to have another chance in both please; I like both good and just want another chance to start again

Okay; I want to ask helps adiministradores this wiki to do that administardores who blocked me are:

Okay; they think I'm troll; I am a criminal; and believe that my OC (an award character) is bad (pedi only an opinion of the) (perhaps wrong); And they think I will harassment) (My intention was never harass anyone)

Please administrators if they read this letter; please try to convince users of those wikis that blocked me accept me again (I promise to behave well in those wikis if I accepted again); but if those users (ChickenPeter and Not Shemp) say bad things please help me back please those wikis

In addition; these two users blocked me on wikis with "Forever"

Another thing: Please please heart; not block me on this wiki please; I pray you have not done any wrong; but if they do not block me on this wiki with "forever" please

If you believe that no reading; lei regulations of the wiki: (No insult, not committing vandalism; do bad things):

  • Vandalism - repeated or initial.
  • Breaking policies.
  • Abuse of user rights.
  • Adding pages that are copyright violations.
  • Misleading usernames.
  • Spam.
  • Inserting false information
  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Spamming links into external sites
  • Intimidating behaviour/harassment
  • Removing content from pages
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages
  • Unacceptable username

Please help me back to those wikis please; They can not forgive a poor user; swear that I will behave well and be true

This letter is addressed to:[http:// Corey_Chambers]; :Monchoman45RansomTimeWall:Sactage/User:Shining-Armor

My goal; is not bribe anyone with this; I just want to re-edit those two wikis; Please administrators and users (You are the only ones who can help me with my problem) do not block me on this wiki; I will not harass anyone; I just want your help please; not block me on this wiki forever please write and say they are from the bottom of my heart