Marvel vs DC Comics

This Universe is a huge place for DC and Marvel Super Heroes / Villains. Most of the Superheroes and Villains are aged so much that they are dying. Also DC and Marvel Creators are out of ideas for new super heroes/villains stuff that's why they are bringing their children by mixing their super-powers to make new superheroes/villains.

As we all have seen that DC has released Re-birth of Superheroes in there new Comics Series. soon Marvel will do the same. This proves that DC and Marvel are running out of ideas for new superheroes and their stories. Therefore they are making Re-birth of Superheroes with just a few changes in their stories.

Therefore, I suggest to writers and developers to come up with something new, make a new League of Super heroes/villains. As we all know, the term 'Superhero' is registered by both DC and Marvel Companies. I think we should come up with new name also; like warriors, protectors, angels, destroyers, crushers, etc.

The New League should be new, not only name-wise but also with regards to its theme and its message to viewers and fans of Superhero/Villain Stuff.