Escape Area 53


  • The third game in the Escape Franchise. This made the impossible possible in the franchise.
Escape Area 53 1.1 (4)



  • Level 1: Superior Cell.
  • Level 2: Bigfoot's Domain.
  • Level 3: The Cave Of The Yeti.
  • Level 4: Freddy Fazbear's Trick.
  • Level 5: Jeff's Cage.
  • Bonus Level 1: Flashback 1.
  • Level 6: The Home Of Slender.
  • Level 7: Evil Wizards.
  • Bonus Level 2: Flashback 2.
  • Level 8: Computer Hack.
  • Level 9: Illuminati's Return!
  • Bonus Level 3: Flashback 3.

Superior Cell:

  • You woke up in a cell, AGAIN! This time, it was more futuristic. You need to get out but a camera is watching you. First, go to the ceiling to find a power source to disable the camera. Then, find the secret cave entrance.
Escape Area 53 1.1

Secret Cave Entrance

Bigfoot's Domain:

  • Now, you enter the cave. When you reach the top, you meet Bigfoot. He doesn't know the way out but he tells you that the Yeti does.

The Cave Of The Yeti:

  • The yeti is meditating the "butterflies of buttingness" is what he calls it (don't ask). He tells you the way out, you need 5 keys to activate at the key room which have been separated in the base. When you reach the top, you got a gun which you used to kill the guards guarding the elevator that takes you to the Key Room. As you kill the guards, one of them drops a key that you need to use to escape.

Freddy Fazbear's Trick:

  • Freddy Fazbear has been taking for murdering security guards in the Pizza Place. He has one of the keys to escape but won't give it to you unless you do his test.
Escape Area 53 1.1 (1)

Jeff being guarded by Brute Guards!

Jeff's Cage:

  • Brute Guards have locked up Jeff the Killer! Jeff agrees to give you the 3rd key if you get him out. After you do, he agrees you to help you whenever you need his help.

Flashback 1:

  • It tells the story of how you burned down the school and escaped prison. Remembering anything? After that you got some speed boots in your dream which became real!

The Home Of Slender:

  • Slenderman was given a potion that turned him huge but weak. The guards had the 4th key in his cell but he was too big to reach it, so that means they put it there to make fun of him for being pointless. The key had a shrink ray, which you used to shrink Slenderman into his normal size. For your help, Slender joins you to escape.
Escape Area 53 1.1 (2)

Evil Wizards Level!

Evil Wizards:

  • Use the 4 keys you got to enter here, with an extra key too. The extra key is hidden somewhere in the hallway to the Evil Wizard's cell (shown in the picture at the bottom left). The Evil Wizard Boss wants a re-match battle to see who can gain the title of some important wizard rank. But, you don't remember about it. Survive his and his minion's tests to get the 5th key. After you defeat him, he decides to stop fighting you and join you instead.

Flashback 2:

  • Jeff finds out that there is a 6th key! Known as the Code-X. You get another flashback. This one is about how you got your wizard powers. Your principal has no longer became a good wizard after Escape Prison. After you left the inmates for some random reason, he took over them as their leader, only to kill them secretly. Soon, the police knew about it and tried to stop him. While running away from them, he gave you his powers and took off. So the police were afraid of you and tried to kill you instead of him. You killed the police, SWAT. CIA, FBI, and more people across the globe. Then you stopped. You finally got back to your senses and threw away your powers. You changed your name, family, and age so noone would know.

Computer Hack:

  • One more thing left to do. Hack the computer to let you out. You must do it's quiz to open the gate.
Escape Area 53 1.1 (3)

Gate to Escape!

Illuminati's Return:

  • Now it is time for war! Just after you escaped, you thought the weirdness was over. BUT NOPE! ILLUMINATI WILL DESTROY THE WORLD! Your goal is to stop him. Evil Wizard vs his brother. Illuminati turning Slenderman evil and stronger to battle Jeff the Killer (and you having to turning Slenderman normal again)! And you vs Illuminati. This battle was epic!

Flashback 3:

  • Your principal turns Illuminati into Hardcore Stone which he cannot break out of. Your principal works for good again. And U.N. decided they need your help for a mission. In return for the reason why you are here. Your 3rd flashback is you living with a wife and two children in a lovely home. Everything was great! Until, the government found out you were the wizard. They took you, destroied your home, and killed your family.
Escape Area 53 1.1 (5)

Slenderman vs Jeff the Killer Battle!

Anything Else?

  • Yes. There is one more thing. Are you ready for the mission? The next mission is out of this world. Do i mean that literally or figuratively? You decide.