Escape Prison 


  • This is the sequel to Escape School. It takes place 8 years after Escape School.
Escape Prison 1.2 (4)

Different ranks For the army of escaped inmates


  • Level 1: Prison Cell.
  • Level 2: Prison Hallway.
  • Level 3: Vents.
  • Level 4: Cafeteria.
  • Level 5: Courtyard.
  • Level 6: Watchtower.
  • Level 7: Security Room.
  • Level 8: Sewers.
  • Level 9: Car Chase.
  • Level 10: The City Hall.

Prison Cell:

  • You are in a prison cell. You need to get out of there. There is a secret way out. Above the bottom bunker bed pillow. 

Prison Hallway:

  • As you walk through the hallway, someone in a cell wants you to help them. They will give you a gun with ammo if you give them a HOLOGRAPHIC CHARIZARD POKEMON CARD lost in the vents.


  • You get in the vents and grab the card. After doing so, you got the gun. You killed the guards near the Cafeteria and needed to find a key to get inside the Cafeteria. Just like Escape School, the key is at the top right corner.
    Escape Prison 1.2

    Gate to Cafeteria


  • You meet up an inmate, Ronaldo. He is known  to the inmates for holding grenades in his jacket. Your job is to bring the guards in the Cafeteria in one spot for him to use his grenade. Only in doing so, you setted off the alarm.


  • Ronaldo holds off the guards for you to escape. Problem is, as you escape you make it to the Courtyard, where strong inmates known as Brute Prisoners take control of the Courtyard. Your goal is to escape them.


  • As if the Courtyard wasn't enough, You need to get to the Security Room. But you need a key there, which is located at the top of the Watchtower. Try not to get caught by the Regular and Brute Guards surrounding the Watchtower.
Escape Prison 1.2 (2)

Watchtower Level

Security Room:

  • Now you will need some help. Find the button to release the inmates. BUT BEWARE! IF YOU USE THE WRONG BUTTON, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! MAKING YOU HAVE TO REPEAT THE WHOLE GAME!


  •  A vent in the room takes you down to the sewers. And while the inmates fight their way out, you sneak your way out.

Car Chase:

  • GO GO GO!!!!! The police is using their cruisers to catch the inmates that are escaping with random cars they stole. Your car is being driven by Ronaldo. You need to jump to the Police Cruiser chasing you since it has a turret. Destroy the turret and get out of here!
    Escape Prison 1.2 (3)

    Car Chase Level

The City Hall: 

  • The army of inmates are destroying the city, while you and Ronaldo get ready to kill the mayor in City Hall. But the judge is protecting him. and traps you. The judge reveals he was your principal in Escape School! He also reveals he is a wizard! He uses his magic to test your skills. Defeat his test to win this!

Anything Else?

  • This still isn't the end. The next game will show this franchise can become quite weird.