Escape School (Everybody Edits)


  • Creator Ahmedrules7 once made a normal school world in EE CM, and wanted to bring that to Everybody Edits. This time, in a new way. He saw the game, Riddle School and thought about making one just like it. And so was born Escape School. 


  • Level 1: Detention.
  • Level 2: Hallway.
  • Level 3: Bathrooms.
  • Level 4: Math Class.
  • Level 5: Science Lab.
  • Level 6: Gymnasium.
  • Level 7: Cafeteria.
  • Level 8: Principal's Office.
  • Level 9: Recess.


  • You start out in detention (will be revealed later why you are there) and must find a way out. The way out was under the teacher's desk from an hidden vent.   
    Escape School 1.3

    Detention and Hallway


  • Collect coins from the lockers for later. Then find the secret vent to janitors closet and take a key from the closet. The key is for the bathrooms. Hint: the secret vent is at the top right corner of the room.


  • The bathrooms have 2 keys. One in boy's bathroom and one in girl's bathroom. Both are keys for Math.

Math Class:

  • Enter Math, just a normal class with nothing unusual, except for the fact there is a portal in the ceiling which leads to a room that has a key to the Science Lab. Normal school, right?

Science Lab:

  • A security guard is watching the lab, well only they key to the Gymnasium actually. Your job here is to mix some chemicals and create a distraction to get the key. Only in doing so, you did something else.... something horrible....


  • Every school has a bully, and this school is no different. Only thing is, it is a group of bullies. Known as The Skull Group. Even a few teachers and staff there fear them. You must survive their wrath in their gym! 
Escape School 1.3 (1)

Skull Group's wrath!


  • Use the coins from the lockers to get in the kitchen. And find the next key there to go to Principal's Office!

Principal's Office: 

  • You see it, the trophy, the freedom, but NOPE. It was a trap, and the Principal puts you in your punishment for murdering the janitor (which got you in detention) and murdering the guard in the Science Lab level.


  • The final level, go through the football/soccer field and climb the long wall to get out of here!
Escape School 1.3 (2)

The tall wall! (it is so tall that only a bit of the wall is shown in the photo)

Anything Else?

  • This was the beginnig of a new franchise. The Escape Franchise. With more games that came.