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Am I weird? Cuz' I don't really dig the Gruvia ship

So yeah, two weeks ago i started watching FairyTail and I'm on episode 125 I think. But any way I honestly don't really like the Gruvia ship. I just don't get it! I ship Nalu, GajevyJerza and ect. But I see the point in all of them, but then there's Gruvia............ I could ship Edolas!Gray and EarthLand!Juvia but just not the EarthLands together, if you get my drift. I laughed when Juvia went full on f**king Gollum mode on Meredy, because she had Lord Zeref. But I don't call Gruvia love, I call it obssesion.

Anyway am I like weird cuz I don't ship Gruvia?

I kinda ship Juvia and Lyon... It's my Guilty ship</strike>

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