Well this is the area to promote wikis so I will post this wiki. The WWII Wiki , (better description can be found on the Lifestyle Wiki) is a wiki about everything that includes WWII. We cover pre-war events that had an effect on WWII, weapons from WWII, vehicles/aircraft/ships from WWII, battles, people, companies that supplied the armed forces, equipment, uniforms, etc and we need editors. Our policy pages are set up and we have a good structure. Our main problems are too many stubs, the categories are not very well organized (they need to be checked over and restructured), and some problems with format. The main way of deciding things is by submiting a topic to the Council of Wiki decisions which make only the large decisions such as contests. The council has not been fully set up yet and has yet to have its first decision made. The WWII Wiki has several problems, but a dedicated group of editors is trying to fix it! The main thing is that we are looking for editors and are always willing to help out.