I'm feeling a little down these days, I feel like changing, growing up.. Being someone else but me.

I mean, that's true, poeple DO really change, just like seasons everyone changes. However, we should not forget about each other.?

We used to talk for hours and now we could barely have 5 mins chat with each other. He used to be always here, to help, love, care and support. Now he makes it seem like he's always busy and he dosen't have time for me. I feel so much betrayed. He's meeting new friends, he's having fun around them.. He's forgetting about me. He never calls.. He used to call me more than three times a day. It hurts so much to see him away from me.?

I could easily remember the jokes, the laughs, the tears, every second I spent it with you, smiles that we shared.. And I DOUBT that you remember any of that. You left me speechless, I guess it's the right time to let it go. To let go of you. You knocked me unconscience, I have nothing to add expect that you have changed a lot and I'm hating the new you. I did not fall in love with this weird person, who's having this creepy hair cut and stupid friends.

Call me when you find your mind. Or I tell you what ? May you have the happiest life ever, without me, apparently my job is done here, and all I have to say to you is GOOD LUCK. I'll put down my crown, I'm not your queen anymore, I'm not your muse anymore, I'm nothing to you. I'm everything but YOURS.