Fearless Swiftie

aka Ashley Beckford

  • I live in In Wonderland
  • I was born on October 20
  • My occupation is Student!
  • I am Female
  • Fearless Swiftie

    Hey, so basically I want a custom colour on my wikia . SO when I comment or write a message on a wall I have a special colour. Does anyone know how to do it. I know you use Special:CSS. But I am not sure what you put in. Help would be appreciated!

    - Ashley

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  • Fearless Swiftie

    Hey, so I was wondering if it is possible to embed a suscriber count into a wiki page. If you know what I mean. If anyone knows the html code or how  you would do it. My wikia has infobozs about people and I wanted to embed the suscribe button from youtube for certain youtubers. Does anyone know if that's possible?

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