hye I am Felien and this is my first blog, I have to learn a lot and specialy talking. I'm a very quiet girl and that have to change very fast! I would love to tell you more about my life but not that much happend.. Oh first I am so sorry if my English sucks, but I'm from Belgium and love to talk in English, don't you think that just everything sounds better in English? last year I had the most terrible school year I could imagine! First I had a amazing boyfriend, I tought... my best friend at my (old)school started dating him when we were still together! I found out through my (ex-)boybestfriend. I was so mad at everyone because all my other friends knowed it and wouldn't tell it to me ! after that I lost my friends too and I couldn't handle it.. I wanted to commit suicide, because of my friends and my mother who have cancer. i am just too emotional.  I found luck again because off my best friend who is at another school en she made my smile again! I struggled tho that year and I was so happy when it was over. after summer, new school so new friends ! I love it there ans my friends are very nice. yesterday after school I think that I was the happiest person ever! I had a date with a guy who I like a lot. whe laughed a lot and at the end we kissed!  I am so happy and I hope he will treat me like a real boy should do with his girlfriend! I'm going to bed so I'm saying goodbye and I will be back tomorrow