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User blog:Fewfre/Kairosoft wiki welcomes all


Kairosoft wiki welcomes all

Fewfre February 17, 2013 User blog:Fewfre
  • Kairosoft Wiki (ex: "Game Dev Story" & "Hot Springs Story", among their other games)

This is a wiki devoted to all Kairosoft games (primarily English releases), be they iOS or Android, and even if they are not yet ported.

While there are resources out there for Kairosoft games, many focus primarily on one game, don't allow user editing, or simply don't have enough input, or usually all of the above. After much questionable data and non-editable format of kairospot, I decided to find a wiki. To my dismay, wikis related to these games are few, and with hardly any information at all. Despite having found wikia to be a good information source in the past, I found the same results here as well. However, I wish to change this, but need others not only for help, but different perspectives as well. Fewfre 🔎 K02:40, February 17, 2013

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