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Adventure time


Finn and Jake enjoying some candy food

Here is finn and jake enjoying some food while finn develops a large tummy <3

I looooooooove adventure time cuz its really funny and has cute charactors such as the tribe of cuteness, starchy and many more. I also love this show becuase Finn and Jake are 'not bad....super good' so here is the whole awesome richeous quest..err....thing of Finn and Jake and also a few other fun things along the way, if i have to prove im the bestest fan of Adventure time then i will like this: no. 1: im getting a finn hat! and seeing the screeing of adventure time at hoyts

and no. 2:

Adventure time, c'mon grab your friends

We're going to very, distant lands

With jake the dog and finn the human

The fun shal never end,

Adeventure Time! <3

Bye! xoxox

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