• FireFrostFlare

    Solstice Dragon

    June 14, 2012 by FireFrostFlare

    This new dragon has found it's way to our dragonvale parks with the guidance of the sun stones that were replicated by the wizards within this week. This dragon can only thrive n Sun habitats and has 2 heads that are supposed to represent the 2 solstices. This dragon is not so incredibly rare but it has some good cobos that can give you a dodo,panlong or rainbow if you don't have them. The combos for this dragon so far:

    • Blazing/Earth (Dodo)
    • Blazing/Mud (Panlong or Rainbow)
    • Blazing/Lava

    So get to your dragonvale parks and start breeding! (Please go look at the Sun stone decoration! The way it shines is oh-so-beautiful!)

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