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i am a terrible game desinger i am not paid to make games i also use public software                       ROBLOX Profile:

my games may not have high qaulity or worse although i am a great artist i work on multible                ROBLOX Game:

websites games ect most will not be made by me but will have cotent made by me and other users      Kongregate Profile: sure to leave a comment suggestion message ect or even contact me on one of my links                                              

im working on a game called mothership when im finished their will be atleast 10 episodes                    Sploder profile:[comming soon]

if you want to play the game click on the slider on the very bottom of the page

i work on alot of things besides games i also play games made by other people im working on

developing a innovatoin run 80% by the users and 20% by devopers this may not be the

final product of my innovation/blog-etc 

                                                                     [More Content/Updates Comming Soon]