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Help Me to Build Three Stooges Wiki

Hello, I'm user FirstStooge, the founder of 3 Stooges Wiki.

I have an aim to make my wiki as most comprehensive internet source of the Three Stooges. About one year ago I created these wiki, but it seems no progress. Since I live outside USA and more active in Alternative History Wikia, it almost difficult for me to search a credible information about the Stooges, except in Wikipedia. I really required a help from another users, who have same interest with me about the Three Stooges, to improves my old wiki. If you able to lend your helping hands for my wiki, you can contact me in my user page.

Moronikan peoples, you must remembers the great speech from our Dear Leader, Moe Hailstone: "The glorious Amalgamated Association of Morons calling you, boys!" :)

Thank you...

{I'm sorry about my poor English}

FirstStooge (talk) 14:20, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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