Hi! I'm FiveCraft, beraucrat of the Little Shop Of Horrors Wiki! Little Shop of Horrors began as a low-budget B-Movie Horror Comedy by Roger Corman, but exploded in the 80's when Alan Menken and Howard Ashman made it into a Musical! Since then, there has been a movie made (in 1986) and theatres, High-Schools, and even Churches everywhere have produced the Musical, making it a fan-favorite for millions. Even just last year, the UK 2016 Tour of LSOH finished its run.

We are currently in the process of Re-Development. The orignal owner of the Wiki left, and I have adopted it, along with Rubyjlp. I have made extensive changes to the appearance of the wiki, but I am short-handed, and I only have Ruby (Who is off working on a LSOH production theirself) to work on things. This is why we're asking for your help! So come and join the community! We'd Love to have you!