What is Your Wikia Style? All right, Wikians, it’s time to take a quiz to see what your editing style is! Just get a piece of notepaper and write “bold”, “italic”, or “plain” for which answer most closely describes YOU would do in each situation. Then, you’ll see what your editing style is.

1. You hear some Wikians talking about a new account, whom they think is a sock puppet of a vandal. You… • …ask the account if that is true. • …ban the account right away. You do NOT want a vandal on your Wiki! • …don’t really know what to do.

2. You realize that your best friend is thinking about quitting Wikia. You… • …tell him you’ll miss him, and that you’ll be there to talk to him.…plan a goodbye celebration for him, and make a blog post saying that he’s leaving. • …try to persuade him not to leave.

3. A vandal attacks the Wiki and destroys all the pages. You say to the other Wikians… • “Don’t worry; we will take care of this.”“Let’s rebuild all of the pages and make this Wiki even better!” • “I HATE vandals!”

4. One thing you DON’T like about Wikia is… • …how rude people are to one another.…the fact that it’s impossible to fully get rid of vandals. • …how you wish you were more well-liked on there.

5. If you could add a new feature to Wikia, it would be… • …“friending” other Wikians. …“vandal catcher”. • …something that makes Wikia more fun.

If you got mostly bold answers, you are a social Wikian who loves editing, but is also a good friend and is always willing to lend some words of encouragement. If you got mostly italic answers, you are a natural leader who totally loves banning vandals. Just chill for once! There is no need to jump to the rescue all the time! If you got mostly plain answers, you may find the Wiki a place for socializing or fun rather than editing. Remember, if you put more care into your edits, you’ll find that it feels great to be a part of the Wiki.