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             Pretty Little Liars

    If you havent seen the latest 7B trailer of Pretty Little Liars (December 2016), then BEWARE (of the following spoilers!)                                     

    Im going to be talking about what we know so far, and the possible theories based on the information giveb to usas i will talking about what we  

    After the the most shocking but insane 7x10 finale, we thought it couldnt get any crazier, but we were wrong.

    But before i talk about my theory (and questions) and what we know based on the 7B trailer, im going to quickly recap what happened in the finale beforehand (

    7x10 Recap (WARNING: SPOILERS)

    Grusom Murder, Heart gunshot, one pregnancy, huge reveal (marys 2nd child) & 3 lives hanging in balance

    In the beginning o…

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