Pretty Little Liars

If you havent seen the latest 7B trailer of Pretty Little Liars (December 2016), then BEWARE (of the following spoilers!)                                     

Im going to be talking about what we know so far, and the possible theories based on the information giveb to usas i will talking about what we  

After the the most shocking but insane 7x10 finale, we thought it couldnt get any crazier, but we were wrong.

But before i talk about my theory (and questions) and what we know based on the 7B trailer, im going to quickly recap what happened in the finale beforehand (


Grusom Murder, Heart gunshot, one pregnancy, huge reveal (marys 2nd child) & 3 lives hanging in balance

In the beginning of 7x10, we start off with the girls, Mona and Caleb together, huddled together in Spencers kitchen worrying once again about a missing Hanna. Terrifed Hanna's in danger, after discovering she isnt answering her phone, and the fact she lied about going to NYC, the whole gang decide calling the police is essential. However, spencer states doing so may mean they" we risk the police "finding out about Archer.". At this point, its revealed Caleb now knows what the girls did to Dr Rollins / Elliot / Archer Dunhill in 7x03 & 7x04 as he says "you mean finding out Hanna ran him over, and you buried him like a dog.?" However, Mona chips in with "lets just call the cops, ok tell them everything you've just told us about jenna and noel" implying they now have enough evidence for anyone to believe them, via the thumbdrive Noel stole from Spencer (which showed footage of noel assisting charlotte, proving his involment in the dollhouse). Together, they ring 911 for her safety, terrifed shes been aducted by someone whos extrememly dangerous, with a very dark criminal history, clearly capable of any crime. The fact her phone is going to voicemail, could mean he has her locked up in another slaughtering hole which is enough reason to call the cops. 

Meanwhile, Hanna has Noel Kahn captive, tied and knocked unconsious to a chair. Though Hanna is not aware at this point that Noel is actually involved with the dollhouse, which confirms he is is indeed a bad guy, she still processes to tomerate him for what she thinks he did to her whilst kidnapped. Dertermined to get answers, and  a confession to been AD, she turns to grab a sharp looking knife to do so. She stabs his leg, using the blood to prove Noel is Marys 2nd child. The shot where Hanna observes the knife is so important, as it shows how determined she was to get revenge, and make her tortuer pay. It also shows how derermined she is to make her agelled tortuter pay for what he supposbly did in 7x01. 

After stabbing Noel, Hanna begins to become anxious whilst waiting for the lab technician to call. She starts to come undone after learning she's now a "missing person" on the news after her friends called the police. Realizing how bad she screwed up and how messed up the situation is as a whole, Hanna decides to call the one person she can trust. Mona. Realizing exactly what shes done, the misunderstanding of whats actually going on, Hanna asks mona for help. Knowing the others think the situation is reversed and Noel has Hanna, Mona helps come up with a plan, thinking it through properly to sound believeable. Though Mona is usually the person we all can depend on to figure things out for the liars, save them when things look bad by thinking her way out a situation, she is also 100% capable of been A. Mona tells Hanna, she'll hold up her end, she's "got this" which is suspicous because Noel breaks free of his captivity soon after. And besides Hanna, Mona was the only one who knew where he was before. So did Mona untie him and let him go?   

When Mona first came to Hannas rescue, she retrives the stolen thumbdrive which Noel stole from Spencer, explaining to a bewilered Hanna about him and how he was invovled with the dollhouse. Learning the footage exposing Noel was enough evidence to put him behind bars, confirming a crime he comitted with Charlotte, Hanna decides she wants to hold Noel acountable for everything he's done. (above)

Though Noel is clearly a bad guy (hence the dollhouse footage of him pouring fake blood over Spencer, assisting Charlotte with the kidnapping of the girls) it is quite obvious he's not going to be AD. 

Switching back, during the time Hanna has Noel, the whole gang including RoseWood P.D are working together to try find Hanna and  Noel Kahn. Toby is thanked by Marco for his service on his last police shift. Stating Jenna is locked at the radley, Marco funnily asks "how much of a threat could a blind girl be" which Toby replies with " you clearly havent met my stepsister" potentially forshadowing what happens later invovling Jenna. Spencer also tells Marco shes sorry she never told him about the thumbdrive, but he explains to her he did research about her after they first met. Where he admitted finding out about Charlotte and the bunker. And how Noel helped keep the girls down there.                                              

  • Haleb also resurfaced, as well as Emison. But also the most heartbreaking ships happened. Ezria and Spoby.

Aria, waiting for Ezra to come home, cooking dinner for the both of them, leaving worried voicemails on his phone turns around only to find Nicole and Ezra been reunited on live TV. (Urgh)

Meanwhile, Marco brings Spencer some food (was this the start of their relationship?) And right after that, i wasnt expecting Spencer to go to Toby's straight away to say goodbye. She turns around after talking, and asks wherever she can give him one last kiss before he moves away. Afterwards, it is pretty obvious Toby was totally having second thoughts via the half written text. 

Alison reveals she is pregnant with Archers child to Emily. Crying, she opens up, saying this isnt "how she pictured starting a family." She consoles to Emily about how she thought it was just stress, but it turned out there were 2 lines on the stick instead. In tears, Ali wishes her mom was there to give her advice (even though she wasnt very good at it) stating she doesnt want to go through this pregnancy alone. But Emily tells her she isnt alone. Thats shes there. Whatever she decides to do. And ali nods. 

Later on, Ali reaches in for the kiss whilst watching TV on the sofa. But Emily is curious, that shes "vulerable right now". But despite their past, and how she treated Emily when they were younger, she looks at her in the eye saying "thats not the reason why." And Emison happens.(they're gonna raise Ali's baby together).

Waking up (next to Caleb) to her phone ringing, Hanna recieves a call from the lab about the sample she provided. As predicted, they state the test results are no match. Noel Kahn isnt related to Mary Drake or the second child.  Paniacking, realising exactly what shes done, with kidnapping noel etc, she texts the girls to meet at Spencers house.  

Disccusing everything, Hanna tells the girls about the results, and how Noel is confirmed to not be Marys second child. At this point, the liars all presumed AD was the sibling. Hanna, still explaining she has Noel hostage, begs the girls to help come up with a plan. Though the results are no match, Emily explains hes still bad. He was still helping charlotte. He assistant the dollhouse kidapping. They had proof with the flashdrive mona stole back. Ali explains Emily is right, that just because Noel isnt the child, that doesnt mean hes not AD. They could be 2 separate people as well as the killer. Knowing the information they have, the decide to ask Noel himself.

However, when they arrive to where Hanna had Noel kidnapped, they discover he's gone. Wherever he untied himself (because hanna isnt an expert) or Mona let them loose, he was nowhere to be found. The 5 girls KIARS recieve a text from Noel asking for the thumbdrive back.

Since they girls had HAVE the flashdrive that exposed him, and he had the video that exposed Hanna, he blackmails them, asking them to meet somewhere later where they can switch the foottage. 

The meeting place that Noel suggested was an old school for the blind, so naturally, Jenna was also involved. She instructed the Liars to leave the flash drive on a coffee table, which they did, and prompted them to go upstairs to retrieve the video. However, Emily forgets her phone by the fake baby.Noel appeared when Hanna and Emily were alone. He grabs a axe, explaining how the girls would not be allowed to leave, since they "know too much." Noel mentioned that he taught Jenna a lot, but that she taught him and Charlotte how to smell fear. This basically confirms that Jenna was involved in the dollhouse as well. They were all working together as some sort of sick, torture team.After Noel was eliminated, the Liars still had a blind girl with a gun to worry about. Alison was Jenna’s main target.However, it definitely looked like she was going to take that second shot before Mary Drake came out of nowhere knocked her out.Apparently neither Noel, Jenna, Sydney, nor Mary Drake are A.D., because the real A.D. is the person that took Jenna away. Were they just hiding there the entire time, making sure their plan, whatever that may be, worked? All we really know right now is that Spencer will likely be okay, especially after the huge Mary Drake reveal, but Toby could be in real trouble. The Spoby goodbye kiss earlier in Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 10, and the text that he never sent to Spencer, could both add up to a tragic goodbye for his character. Alternatively, Yvonne could be dead, leaving the path clear for Spoby in the future. 

Pretty Little Liars The Game is Coming to an End The Final Episodes April 18, 2017 on Freeform!00:30

Pretty Little Liars The Game is Coming to an End The Final Episodes April 18, 2017 on Freeform!

The next shot is blood all over the floor,  with a boot despartely trying to escape/crawl/ drag themselves away. This person is revealed to be spencer whos shot, but at this point we didnt know where. Jenna comes in with her gun, and just as shes going to kill spencer in revenege "for charlotte" Mary Drake comes in, attacks her, knocks her unconsious, saving spencer. But little did we know, that poor spencer already had a heart bullet shot in her heart.     One of the last shots is of the ambulance (presumumably going to spencer) driving past a car crashed on the side of the road. Not only does Spencers life hang in the balance, but so does Toby and Yvonne.Wherever they were deliberatly run off the road by AD , or just simply just drove off the road in a completely unrelated accident. Neither one lookedto be in goos shape. With blood spalletred all over them and the car. BUT jenna said at the end "Did YOU shoot spencer" (to AD). which possibly implies it wasnt her, even though she was holding the gun. And despite Jenna been blind, AD throws their mask next to her allowing her to work out who it is. Though she doesnt actually know the indenity of the person, she finds out the "baddie" who's kidnapped her as she says "you're AD" letting the audience know as well.*Wren and Melissa — knowing that Wren will be back in season 7B, and that Melissa might not even be Spencer’s sister 

  • Jason DiLaurentis — Since he supposedly cares so much about Ali’s safety lately, shouldn’t he have been there when she was on house arrest?
  • The first half of 7b trailer didnt show us spencer was okay,

However, this trailer reveals that spencer is indeed alive and well (of course). There are shots of Wren, hanna unzipping a "bag" mary drake gaging spencer (looks like she isnt excited to lvoe her new mommy) spencer screaming "you ruined my life" all the girls holding a phone catching on fire, ezra saying "nsome things can never be forgiven"  First of all: we now know that the sibling is not AD what we will dicuss/theorys 7 #Who is Charlottes father?

  1. Who is AD
  2. Who "killed" charlotte
  3. Who "killed" Jessica

Now that we know Mary Drake is spencers mother, what does that mean now and who is related to? lets recreate the family tree

First of all, we learnt (in season 2) that Spencer and Melissa are Jason's half sisters, because they share the same father. We also learnt that Alison and Jason are half siblings because they share the same mother (jessica). This means that Spencer, Melissa and Alison all SHARE a brother. Make sense?  

In season 6, when "A" reveal happened (editing)

Later on, in season 6x20/7x01 we learn that Charlotte  (editing)