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Hello! My name Fluorescence, a not so ordinary unicorn say, I'll explain! Maybe you can see me as a simple unicorn, but my horn do not say the same when you use ... My horn gives it tranparentes magic wings! It all started with discouragement, I feel horrible, for the loss of my parents .. My tears fell and fell, while almost I make a oceando in my room. Until something strange happened, I felt worse! Tube to go to the nearest hospital Canterlot (I live there) to see what happened to me, too hurt my back .. Until .. My horn began to make a kind of magic that neither knew I could do! Gradually out the wings of my back pain was leaving, and I can not explain the face that got to see those wings ...

Then I thought ... It all makes sense ... something strange happened after having operated my old wings alicorn (before it was)

After stop thinking .. tube to learn to use my horn when I want wings or when no ..

I'm not hiding anything! We all already know I'm a stranger, and I'm glad you understand me!

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