Beware of the cookie stealer!


Hello! My name is FlyingNinjaWolf. I LOVE wolves. I like to write and draw. My hobbies are drawing, writing, playing, and making videos with my camera. My favorite movies are: Madagascar 3, Brave, Balto, and Marmaduke. My favorite songs are: Everytime We Touch, Afro Circus/I like to Move It, Alex On The Spot, I like to Move It, To The Skies, Caramelldansen, As Long As You Love Me, BBBFF, Winter Wrap Up, and Payphone (no rap). My favorite animals are: Wolves, dogs, cats, any breed of deer, and ferrets. I love to look at cute pictures, and like to laugh at some funny comical photos, like my avatar. My favorite book series are: Warrior Cats and Wolves of The Beyond. My favorite TV show is probably Pound Puppies, Phineas and Ferb, or Ant Farm. My favorite YouTube series is Cow of The Wild. I have MANY wolf characters I have created. I will list as many as I know!

Moon, Skyler, Shypelt, Lighthawk, Warriorpelt, Cloud, Sassypelt, Curieye, Lormenski, Acridus, Kreduk, Pency, Benser, Gastro, Sinkar, Mudki Muzzle, Jacket Punderk, Spiralled Curse, #, <3, %, and !. The ones with symbols are messed up wolves.

Anything else you would like me to add? Just tell me!

Excatly what I said!

This is exactly what I said.