• Flyingdemonkitty

    I'm SUPER sorry that the title was long. It doesn't matter I'm a weird person.Now that is basically the topic that I' going to talk about. I saw a blog about how the this is dumb and Steven shouldn't have been in the show and even if he was the cartoon shouldn't be based on HIM, because he 'ruins' the battle scenes and such. I think you wrong. The people say that Gravity Falls is better. Think carefully, look at Dipper! He has a goof ball sister who ruined a LOT by her goofy ways. What about the mail box? When Dipper said "with this mail box we can find the answer to the GREATEST miseries" then Mabel came up and put the package with a video that showed her parents how she stuffed gummy worms up her nose! The mail box got angry and well wen…

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