I'm SUPER sorry that the title was long. It doesn't matter I'm a weird person.Now that is basically the topic that I' going to talk about. I saw a blog about how the this is dumb and Steven shouldn't have been in the show and even if he was the cartoon shouldn't be based on HIM, because he 'ruins' the battle scenes and such. I think you wrong. The people say that Gravity Falls is better. Think carefully, look at Dipper! He has a goof ball sister who ruined a LOT by her goofy ways. What about the mail box? When Dipper said "with this mail box we can find the answer to the GREATEST miseries" then Mabel came up and put the package with a video that showed her parents how she stuffed gummy worms up her nose! The mail box got angry and well went. That added mystery imagine if Mabel DIDN'T do that the show would be boring and basic because you would already know the ANSWER.

Look at Steven he is too, a goof ball (as well a s Amethyst). Imagine if he wouldn't do goofy things the Gems would just plainly go in and get the thing (what they wanted to take) then leave. THEY WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE A BATTLE. What about when they were in the maze? If Steven wasn't there they would be circling around it for AGES! You know hoe many peeves about harry and the things Harry Potter did? For one moment I didn't even want to read the fourth book and just skip it because J.K. Rowling wrote that Harry didn't get ready for the tournaments tasks and she went on and on about how nervous Harry was? But that was part of the book. Look at her now! She went bananas over her OWN book! The story was very popular and there were a LOT of Potterheads (myself included) now it went less popular and only the TRUE fans are left. J.K. Rowling is STILL making plays about it when almost NO one wants to see because everyone either read the book or watched the movie.

Rebecca Sugar probably created Steven to show that not everyone is perfect fighter but they still should stay strong, that is why at the bottom it quotes "believe in Steven". I heard from a friend that Rebecca Sugar just wants to be as successful as MLP (My Little Pony). I on the other hand think that it's wrong. I think she wanted to make it for having funzeeze and having fun. The creator of MLP Lauren Faust stated that all she wanted was to make SIX girls just six ponies who were friends. As the years past the COMMUNITY of Bronys and Pegasisters that made fan art and Clubs, music, parties, comic-cons etc. It was the community not her. Even when she left the community is alive and in action. Of course there were ups and downs. My point here is, is that Rebecca Sugar is making the show for the FANS that like it and of course for people who find it entertaining.

Look how beautiful the SU community has become! You don't have to be a full pledged fan to be in the community. The people who are in it make it the most beautiful thing! I am AMAZED on how many beautiful songs and fan arts the people made! I try to make diy and things because I enjoy it. It was my moms birthday and I made her cookie cat and she LOVED it. When I told my parents that I'm a big fan of Gravity Falls and Stevens Universe and when I showed them it they had a funny look on their faces like they though I was going weird but when I showed them the AMAZING things you guys made to make this community bloom they loved it! My dad really like Gravity Falls because he loves the mystery and stuff and mom enjoyed Steven Universe of course they didn't watch it because their too "grown up" (my dad listens to the music that you guys made :P)

In conclusion before you start to say that this show wasted your time in life look at what people did for it. You keep being you and like what you do :)