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My first Mitchell BNC blimp in fantastic and investor grade condition. The main blimp housing is number 32 made in 1947. This was the first Mitchell BNC made after WWII when they ramped production back up. This package consists of a complete blimp with all accessories. The main housing is equipped with built-in studio modified Heater, Bloop Light, Slating System and Lens Light. Also included is a Baltar 50mm lens, Mitchell Bellows Matte Box with Louvered Sun Shade, working Follow Focus and Motor Blimp Housing. Also have five 1,000 Foot Magazine Blimp, Side View Finder with Close-up Lens attachment and working follow focus Cams. Finishing off the outfit is a Mitchell Motor On/Off Cable and Magazine Handle. The entire package is mounted on a working Mitchell Friction Head and wood platform mounted and an aluminium Hi-Hat. This camera is in outstanding condition and it’s all mine and it’s not bad for 61 years old.