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May 19, 2014
  • I live in Community Support Manager at Wikia
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Community-Manager
  • I am weiblich
  • ForestFairy

    Collaboration on Wikia is all about fans getting together and working on something that they love. It's so much fun; you get to chat, write, and share good times together, and the outcome is the greatest source of fan knowledge on the web.

    Of course, any time a group of people come together, different opinions can lead to conflicting ideas about the best way to write content and carry out a wiki's goal. That's why remembering the keys to collaboration is so important.

    So what do we mean when we talk about collaboration, and what should you remember when working with your communities?

    We have five core company values at Wikia: Balance, Collaboration, Community, Heart, and Trust. We'll talk about all of those more in depth in future blog posts,…

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  • ForestFairy

    Wikia is global. Anyone from around the world can use it, and we support as many languages as we can so people can use the site in their native language whenever possible. Right now, between Wikia Staff and the International Volunteer Team, we support eleven different languages. One of the key responsibilities of these staff members and volunteers is to translate the features and functions that people use every day into these supported languages.

    How exactly does that translation process work, though? There are many people involved, all of whom contribute to making sure translation is done as efficiently as possible. Our most recently-introduced feature, the Community Page, is a great example of how that process works.

    A few months ago, our …

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  • ForestFairy

    How do you resolve conflict?

    Time and again, we hear of clashing in the Communities. Clash of Clans comes to mind! :) Conflicts can happen everywhere in life. These strategies work not only here at Wikia, they work well in other situations, like school, work or in your private life and relationships.

    Conflict is accompanied by emotions. You know what I am talking about.... You have a different opinion and before you know it, you are in an intense argument. You possibly feel anger creeping up and there are things being said that you may regret. Often, you can feel the conflict lingering on the horizon, when your opponent does not share your values, steps on boundaries, disrespects the rules and so on.

    • You feel like you are being treated unfair…

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  • ForestFairy

    Hello Wikians,

    From time to time we repeat the topics of our blogs, for the benefit of new users and as a reminder for our old experts, that have been editing on Wikia for a long time. I talk to a lot of Wikians and sometimes ask them for advice, primarily to understand how their communities work. If you look at a community from the outside, it can look quite chaotic! It reminds me of an ant-hill — lots of busy ants — and only if you look from a distance, you can see the structure. Everybody is working towards the same goal, or at least tries to. How does this all come together? You have guessed correctly: With the help of our awesome admin force!

    Instead of just writing a blog and giving you my thoughts, I collected the thoughts of several …

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  • ForestFairy

    Hello Wikians,

    My name is ForestFairy and I am the German Community Manager for Wikia. Some of you may know me a little bit, because I do answer some english support requests from time to time. I work closely with my english community colleagues, but you probably won’t see me around here very often. However, I am part of Wikia's social blog team and today I get to write a blog for both the English and the German community. As you can imagine, we have the same issues over there as you do over here. Today I am talking about a common nuisance: Trolls!

    A Troll is someone that you can meet everywhere on Wikia and in the internet. A troll’s purpose is to simply provoke you. When they comment or edit, it will usually not have anything to do with th…

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