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  • ForestMonthZero

    Templates can be redirected from one to another, so that you can use different names for the same template, without needing to maintain several identical templates. This works through the standard redirect function.

    However, if you use substitution templates, this will not work, as a substitution operation on a redirected template link will result in the redirect being substituted in instead of the redirect's target. So in order to fix this problem, a bit of template-fu is needed:

    On the redirected template page enter:

    This will work just like a redirect for all normal functions, including normal transclusion, and it will work as one would expect if you did not know the template was redirected, to substitute in the full template on a substit…

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  • ForestMonthZero

    If you want to add a warning message on a substitution-only template, when the template has not been substituted, to substitute it, you can do so through the following:

    This leaves an ugly line of red-coloured large-sized text stating that you forgot to subst the template "templatenamehere" (replace that string with the name of your template)

    This implementation requires the existence of template:null on your wiki of the same implementation as that found at w:c:templates:template:null, so copy that to your wiki. Alternately, you can copy wikipedia:en:template:void instead, and replace the instance of "null" with "void".

    If you need instruction on how to copy that template off w:c:templates, please read w:c:templates:Help:How to copy templates…

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