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  • I was born on January 12
  • I am a girl
  • XFeatherwishX

    Wednesday 4th March

    How could she! This is unbelievable! How dare she call me a FROG! Here's what happened... I was walking around Green Park with Claire, my best friend. When suddenly, Terrence, a popular girl who enjoys bullying me, appeared out of nowhere.

    "What are YOU doing here?" I asked aggressively.

    "Having a walk. Trying not to think of your HIDEOUS face!" she said, trying to tease me. "Now get out of my way! One doesn't like walking around things." Terrence is SUCH a diva. Instead of moving, I said

    "Too lazy?" I shrugged.

    "One is not too lazy! In that case, I'll have to move YOU!" she cried. Terrence shoved me into the small pond next to me. A frog on a lily pad was right next to my face. It croaked. "I think it's saying 'Welcome homeā€¦

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