The Misadventures of Bella #1: Frogs and Toads

Wednesday 4th March

How could she! This is unbelievable! How dare she call me a FROG! Here's what happened... I was walking around Green Park with Claire, my best friend. When suddenly, Terrence, a popular girl who enjoys bullying me, appeared out of nowhere.

"What are YOU doing here?" I asked aggressively.

"Having a walk. Trying not to think of your HIDEOUS face!" she said, trying to tease me. "Now get out of my way! One doesn't like walking around things." Terrence is SUCH a diva. Instead of moving, I said

"Too lazy?" I shrugged.

"One is not too lazy! In that case, I'll have to move YOU!" she cried. Terrence shoved me into the small pond next to me. A frog on a lily pad was right next to my face. It croaked. "I think it's saying 'Welcome home, fellow FROG!'" she pointed at the frog and exploded with laughter. I couldn't take anymore of this! I got out of the pond.

"Speak frog? I thought you were a TOAD! Terrence the Toad!" I cried. She gasped in disgust. She let out a 'hmph!' and turned around to start walking away then suddenly turned around and pushed me back into the pond! Then she was gone for good. Terrence out of sight, Claire then helped me back up, but then I fell in with her.

When we finally got out, Claire walked me home. On our way, she tried lecturing me AGAIN, like she always does.

"Bella, every time I remind you the same thing. What is it?"

To be continued...