The last time Forgotten Door played together was at a NASCAR truck fest in 2011.  Since then all the members of the band have gone through some tough times with losing loved ones. But we’re all together again now and ready for our 6 month residency here in Las Vegas and very excited about this great new opportunity for Forgotten Door.

We call this residency “touring in reverse”. We are drawing people to us, in our home.  This way if people like the show, they can bring their family and friends back. It also gives us time to get the show just perfect and work out all the kinks in the technology.

We received this residency because of some strong working ethical relationships of our lead vocalist and keyboardist Johndale Stanley.  Through some good connections, we were introduced to Ray Wolf, owner of Wolf Theater inside the Clarion Hotel. We pitched the different and unique idea to Ray. He really liked the idea and was willing to represent the band because of our strong ethics.    

The last few weeks have been really busy for us. We had regular rehearsals, along with dealing with a lot of production aspects such as obtaining a projector and screen for our textured video to compliment the music. We also got a dry ice machine for smoke effects, which we are excited to use as it adds a great dimension to portions of our performance on stage.

Our show will be an hour long with a meet and greet afterwards where we plan to meet with all our past and new fans who came out to support us. We are playing11 of our original songs along with 2 cover songs, one by Quarterflash and the other by The Greg Kihn Band.

Our official opening was Friday, the16th of August. We hope to see you soon!