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August 6, 2012
  • I live in In America
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  • FortressSwan

    Hello, I'm a Chat Mod on my wiki. I would like to create a bot, so that I won't have to constantly worry when I'm at school. Thanks!

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  • FortressSwan

    Hi, Wikians! 

    You see, I'm a singer. I don't sing for a living; it's more of a hobby. Tomorrow in my school, I have Karaoke Day for my 5th period chorus class. I have a really dry throat. Trust me, I've tried everything;

    - I drank tea for my throat,

    -Took a steamy shower,

    -I've dranken a lot of water

    Still, nothing has happened! Please help! I really need my voice for tomorrow :( 

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  • FortressSwan

    Hello, here's a message I left some people that got along with me on the Naruto Fanfiction Wiki. I honestly don't know why I should be banned. Sorry for some of the Naruto Talk... But please, read. This isn't fair at all. 

    "Hello, sorry to bother you on this Wikia. Why am I not confronting this issue (at least currently) at the Naruto Fanon Wiki? Because I've been banned. This is what I'm dying to discuss with you. I have had many of my pages deleted without warning; no tags, no mass delete categories added, no notices left on the talk page. All of this was done by Prodigy. Chances are, you'd probably listen to him more than you would listen to me, because he's an admin. Let met explain to you what I've been accused of.

    I'm fully aware that …

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  • FortressSwan


    As christians, we need to stick together. This will help us grow stronger spritiually. Together in faith, we will make a stand in order to reach out to people. Do you have faith? I'm sure some of us do. Faith, however, is sometimes hard to accomplish. As christians, we will help eachother in order to please God.

    Visit our wiki, where you're free to share your testimony, give/answer prayer requests, and express your feelings. Link is above.

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  • FortressSwan

    Many people like to shop at Macy's - why not check out our Wiki for more information on what you're shopping ? We need your help, so please stop by! Thanks! Here's the url:

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