So I am making a new template for description and stats container for Battle Cats wikia which can be found here:

the template used:

While the desktop version is good. The mobile version is not. Despite the preview shows it shows just fine. After actual test using Android chrome, I found out that the mobile version does not gives horizontal scrolling as it should like in mobile preview and instead the texts after 2nd column gets cramped up since it follows the other tables despite already breaking the containers into multiple separated tables.

Screenshot 2015-05-11-09-56-14

Broken and cramped up columns after the 2nd column in actual Android chrome


Expected appearance from Preview mode in desktop Firefox shows just fine with added horizontal scrolling.

Preview mode screenshot on left side. While actual test screen shot on right side

So any hint how to fix or workaround it??

The wikia on BC don't mind with horizontal scrolling though.