• those bots randomly spawn. sometimes players spawn in the bot. Bots are called something like ´ 3 = e´ or ´ 8 = h. who knows, maybe these are commands.
  • I was bored once, i called myself a bot ( 3 = e). i leaned back on my chair an watched people failing trying to kill me. And even no.2 killed me and ate me. Verry funny tho, im gonna play this the whole day. Man, i should get a life -.-
  • Before killing them, look specific at the name. Sometimes players call themselves 3 = E (example). These are fake. its Anyway, if the ´bot´ is extremely long, its a kind of suspicious. is it longer than your screen.. thats obvious. Is it longer than a just-spawned bot, its also kinda strange. Keep your eyes open. If they move to a different position its a player. Normal bots don´t move.
  • On your phone is an AI-Mode. Its full of bots. BUT they CAN move. They are programmed knowing how to kill you, even tho they are very dumb mostly.
    Schermafdruk van 2016-07-06 17-07-23