aka Johnny McFilibert Sullivan Davidson

  • I live in in Flat Normandy
  • My occupation is surfeur winner, ascendant snowboarder
  • I am nicolas ceige
  • FrenchTouch

    Son, I understand your rage. You were playing around before you were severely smitten by the ire of the tyrants surveiling the chatroom you were merely using as your sandbox. This is nothing but a gratuitous affront to your freedom of speech, oh, wait until they hear you cry out to your people in rebelling fashion and unite them in fraternity before leading them to salvation! Seriously speaking, let's not.

    Holler 'idren, I'm FrenchTouch, and this is a practical guide to behave yourself whenever you come rolling down here; I know, I know, I'm not one to give out tips about that, but hey, I do whatever I want.

    The Unwritten Rule of Life
    If you're stupid, mean and broke, you hit the brakes to accomplishment.

    “What's it mean,” I hear you rambling. T…

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  • FrenchTouch

    Holler folk, I'm FrenchTouch, and as some of you may know, I'm a resident of Nice, and I have seen, not on TV, not on the Internet, but live, the mass homicide that's happened on July 14, our National Day. I want to make this blog post not in memory of the victims, because there's nothing we can do about them other than respect the losses, and because of the obviousness of it. I want to make this blog post to clarify stuff, because if you know me well, you know I hate misinformation. I hate that our history can be made up of lies, and that even the most simple of lies can become an accepted historical theory—so I want to give you folk the real information about what's happened yesterday - I have seen the repercussions on Place Masséna, and…

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  • FrenchTouch

    Oi, theh bloody blog post of mine on the same topic has been locked, so if ye wanna ask me sumptin', it's gon' happen there. I don't know why I'm mixing an overexaggerated English slang with an American pronunciation, but I'm doing it.

    Anyway, my former blog post is locked, like every other blog post that isn't commented for a month, and since Countess KC and Viscountess Nachtide have decided to reanimate the topic, well, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Yay!

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  • FrenchTouch

    Yes. I have been fooled into such demeanor. I have joined the Illuminated, the group of question answere-- seriously, if you ever had questions about my sanity, you can them, you always could but now, it's funnier, because it's convivial. Anyway, respect thine commandments and I shan't smite your firstborn dead.

    • Don't talk about my mom's, yo.
    • Don't hang out with Pool.
    • Don't pity the fool.
    • Don't wah badah der dah pudding!
    • Forever love Santa Christ.
    • I AM JESUS.

    And most importantly, for the love of goodness, rice, chicken and biscuits, don't wake my gangsta side, 'cos you gon be booty, and I'll body you.

    Seriously though. No rules, no nothing; Spit whatever you want, peeps.

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  • FrenchTouch

    Hello everybody, my name is FrenchTouch, and you know, there a little fanon I really like, and actually it really needs users and activity. I'm not the kind of guy that advertises, but anyway, that's a bit the point of showcasing; so if you're still interested by this blog post, I present to you:

    Comic Crossroads is a fanfiction wiki revolving about comic books and manga, which consists in a large community within Wikia. This wiki was made to grow as a little group of friends writing fanfiction for fun, but y'know, it's starting to weaken. As two of its administrators are inactive, a former sysop left it and another former sysop (who use to entertain everyone on chat) no longer edits, we can say that we're a little bit alone. We're actually…

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