Son, I understand your rage. You were playing around before you were severely smitten by the ire of the tyrants surveiling the chatroom you were merely using as your sandbox. This is nothing but a gratuitous affront to your freedom of speech, oh, wait until they hear you cry out to your people in rebelling fashion and unite them in fraternity before leading them to salvation! Seriously speaking, let's not.

Holler 'idren, I'm FrenchTouch, and this is a practical guide to behave yourself whenever you come rolling down here; I know, I know, I'm not one to give out tips about that, but hey, I do whatever I want.

The Unwritten Rule of Life

If you're stupid, mean and broke, you hit the brakes to accomplishment.

“What's it mean,” I hear you rambling. Take advantage of what you have, and don't take pride in what you are; 'cause if you're satisfied with not being cut for stuff, you aren't going to change for the better any time soon, it's sad, it's life—All in all, show some initiative, be willing to put some aside when you're asked, for if you aren't, you will not ever adapt to social interactions, and, since this is a social medium, you basically won't adapt to this website.

Manners: The Manual

As much as I like to rant, I'm gonna be clement with y'all and provide you with a list of commandments you should most probably act by if you want to look civilized.

  • Acknowledge the other.

Say hello, goodbye, please, thank you, you're being already more social by doing only that.

  • Adopt an appropriate register of language.

You don't need to be especially orthodox, only to aim for intelligibility.

  • Random is not fun.

Capricorn. Have you laughed? Me neither. Spamming and other similar practices aren't sociabilizing.

  • Respect the other.

Perhaps your friend likes it when you call them a whole lot of slurs, everyone else, maybe less.

  • Keep thine cool.

People appreciate when one does not spill every single one of their emotions all over them.

  • Know your role.

You are responsible of your actions, so own them; you're not above anyone else.

Go Practice

That's all, kith, now, pray, just follow these tips, they don't restrict your personality in any way, so have a good one being a role model, aye.

Addendum: Oh, and, legally speaking, by joining this website you agree to its Terms of Use so the First Amendment doesn't protect you. Neither does any other legislation, ever.