Hello everybody, my name is FrenchTouch, and you know, there a little fanon I really like, and actually it really needs users and activity. I'm not the kind of guy that advertises, but anyway, that's a bit the point of showcasing; so if you're still interested by this blog post, I present to you:

Comic Crossroads

Comic Crossroads is a fanfiction wiki revolving about comic books and manga, which consists in a large community within Wikia. This wiki was made to grow as a little group of friends writing fanfiction for fun, but y'know, it's starting to weaken. As two of its administrators are inactive, a former sysop left it and another former sysop (who use to entertain everyone on chat) no longer edits, we can say that we're a little bit alone. We're actually a fistful to edit at a pretty good basis, and even less on chat. This is just a little message to say that the wiki is great and that you'd be well welcomed, but of course, as I'm not here to be whiny about the wiki's problems, enjoy this showcase, for all of you blokes :)

comic crossroads

So, let's go encyclopedic for once. Comic Crossroads is a site created by a couple of friends who wanted to write fanfiction while having fun. Since its beginning, as MARVEL Crossroads, arguments were taken, bad things happened but now everything has changed. To mark the thing, it became Comic Crossroads, many rules were changed, and manga are allowed. But even with this changes, the wiki still has the same goal: it's not exactly about the content, but about the community. That's what I think is the force of it, it's really about it's community. I think it needs to be told about.


First, one thing you need to know. As you soon as you come by and say "Hello", everyone will do the best to welcome you into our community. Because even though what happened in the past wasn't great, the wiki's getting lessons out of everything, and it will adapt to your social needs (not compatible with psychopaths) in an instant.
As a quite old member of the wiki (old in the wiki, not IRL), I see the wiki's very unlucky, as the newcomers are often sociopaths (real ones, yeah) who end in being blocked for eternity. The wiki'd like, we'd like to have a little bigger community without having trouble with all the "bad users". But even though we see things like that, you'll always be welcomed nicely, be sure of that.
Myself, I will do anything to help you if you join the wiki. In fact, even if you don't I'll help you the most I can. But as I'm talking a lot about the community, you may ask there's only that. Wait until you see the fanfiction.


I don't want to brag, but guys. Guys. GUYS. We got awesome content #HumbleBrag. Like you can't get better. Like that's 2spooky4u. Like really. I have like 5 pages that'll make your jaw drop for eternity. All 5 are made by current and former admins. Let's bring up that awesome sauce:

A reality made by my friend The Great Lord David. It is the longest page of the wiki, and it's acclaimed by everyone, what can I say now? It has a good plot, many stories, and this is the reality of all collaborations (almost), even I did my w:c:comiccrossroads:Sinister Strikes in Earth-619!little thing with him.

An awesome original character by Ronin, the Masterless. Also my friend (everybody's my friend out there :D), but not the important thing about the article. Actually, the two founders called it "the Gratest OC in all of the Internet", and that's pretty weak for a guy who worked entire days to entertain you.

That is one of many Thors, but frankly really good. I just can't tell much about it, it's just plain ol' GOOD. just... just check it out, I really can't say much about it.

The first DC article on the wiki, and one of the best, easily. It single-handedly launched each and every DC article on that wiki, so you sure want to go check on it, y'all. It's very very good. I just can't explain on a blog post, you have to read it.

It's the featured character of the wiki at the moment I'm writing this, and everyone loves it. Just everyone. Lord Caesar put so much heart into it, that not reading is illegal. Yep. New laws, I know, I know. You got to.

Here, the showcase AND advertising are done, if you want to check on that wiki, it's there, also this is the first showcase I've ever done, so if you have criticizing to do, well I encourage you to do it, tell me what's wrong, so that it can be changed, I hope you had a nice day, and see you later. Bye bye!
Psst. I made a Monthly feed of blog posts, it's called the Monthly Frenchy Talk. The first episode is out, go check it out blokes.