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why was I banned?

Frogdunker October 31, 2011 User blog:Frogdunker
  • TheBen10Mazterbye Tm
  • TehAnonymous has left the chat.
  • 4:17Xd1358poor chat is borking again
  • TehAnonymous has joined the chat.
  • 4:18Shiek the Rathalos RiderWhy duz vega scare people? He/she is just a person. Just like the emo girl at school I like so much
  • TehAnonymous has left the chat.
  • TehAnonymous has joined the chat.
  • 4:18CharitwoFrogdunker - TehAnonymous F5 please
  • Frogdunker was kickbanned.

Why the heck was I banned from chat?? I NEVER EVEN SAID ANYTHING!!!!!

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