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  • FrozangledEpic

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  • FrozangledEpic

    First off, I would like to apologize for not getting this done sooner. I just started working and have been extremely busy. Thank you all for being understanding. :)


    Each of these couples will be moving on to round two!!

    Chuck and Sarah

    Patrick and Teresa

    The Eleventh Doctor and River

    Tony and Ziva

    Deeks and Kensi

    Sharona and Randy

    Nod and MK

    Bo-peep and Woody

    HIccup and Astrid

    Grace and Wayne

    Eve and Walle

    Jane and Bingly

    Peter and Gwen

    Prince Alcott and Snow White

    Rory and Amy

    Kit and Ella

    Anna and Kristoff

    Rapunzal and Eugene

    Larry and Amelia Earharte

    Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth

    Thor and Jane

    Pepper and Tony Stark

    Steve and Natasha

    Edward and Elizabeth

    Lucy and Gru

    Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart

    Cliff and Bulda

    Donald and Daisy and Ken and Barbie (tie)


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  • FrozangledEpic

    Welcome to the cutest couple tournament!!

    This tournament is now open to the public. I tried to include a variety of couples, but I did not include couples that I do not watch. This is because I created this originally for just me and my friends. However, I see that people are now interested in this. Some couples I do not like very much, but I added them for variety. I will post links to the rounds once they are open for voting!!

    After round One, I will add a few more couples to Round Two, depending on how many people comment for them, and if I agree with the couple. If I don't like the pairing, I might not add them for instance, I will NOT add the couple from Fifty Shades of Grey, because I do not agree with them. Also, I will not be adding…

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